How to Easily Eat your 5-a-Day


If you’re reading this article, it means you want to have a healthier lifestyle. And that’s great. Leading a healthy lifestyle has many benefits, including an increased lifespan and the lower likelihood of developing certain diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. As well as this, you will feel better mentally and more fit and energetic, which all allows you to live a better quality of life overall. It can be tricky in today’s fast-paced world to sometimes give our bodies what it requires to remain healthy.

One of the main components of living a heathier lifestyle is having a well balanced diet, and this begins by eating at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day. Fruit and vegetables boast many health benefits and are a good healthy source of carbohydrates, fats, and fibre whilst being low in calories. They also help you to feel more full through the day and thus will reduce the likelihood of you snacking. I mean, who can resist a sugary snack here and there? Well you certainly will if you are able to eat your 5 a day!

  • Start your day off by eating a piece of fruit with your breakfast, or if you don’t eat breakfast, have a piece of fruit on your way to work
  • Have a small fruit bowl before lunch. Readymade fruit bowls which are inexpensive are available to buy from most grocery stores
  • Having a sandwich for lunch? Add some vegetables to it, like cucumbers or tomatoes.
  • Soups are amazing because you can add any vegetable to it and it will taste great. Especially for winter, soups can fill you up and warm you up!
  • For dinner, have a side of salad. Or add the salad to your dinner, for example, rice.
  • A fruity dessert never hurt anyone. In fact, it tastes great and you can really get creative with it!

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